Try to beat all 420 levels of this cyber style glow paint hit splat hyper-casual game!

iPad / iPhone
Google Play

Enter the digital realm and splat splat all the way to the final level.

– 420 levels of glowing challenge!
– Can you master the circles?
– Hyper-casual circle painting fun!
– Increasing challenge as you reach higher levels!

Cyber Circles : Paint Hit Matrix is a hyper casual experience. Use glow balls from the paint hit rainbow to make your ball rush to the colorful color tower. Hit a ball to change the color of the circle tower piece.

If you are looking for a challenge, you should challenge yourself in this cyber paint hit game. Hit the tower’s blank spots to fill with glow color. but don’t hit the colored area again. Shoot the rainbow paintball in to the tower to color the entire zone area.

Remember be super careful to not hit the already painted color area in this matrix.
If you like the art and gameplay of ketchapp, cheetamobile and 111% style games then you will probably get a kick out of these.

Thanks for choosing an AurynSky game out of the millions of others!

How to Play Cyber Circles : Paint Hit Matrix.

Tap play to begin the Cyber Circles paint hit ball game.
Select continue or any unlocked level to play the game.
Begin by tapping to launch rainbow balls into the circle color tower.
Try to smash the areas which have not been colored to splat paint on them.